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Hand Sanitizer Safety
Thursday, May 21, 2020

The City of Alamo Heights wanted to share with you extra precautions to take as you are at home, staying healthy.   

With people staying home, due to COVID-19, there is more activity.  DO NOT flush any type of wipes down the bathroom pipes.  Any thing other than toilet paper clogs the sewer system.  Wipes such as sanitizing wipes, baby wipes, or any type of wipes can be disposed of properly in the trash.

Here is information regarding storing hand sanitizers in your vehicle.  Hand sanitizers have a fairly low temperature flash point (Ignition/Flame).  Hand sanitizers with 70% alcohol has a flash point of 69.8 degrees F.  The photo below is from a hand sanitizer igniting in a hot vehicle that reached 95 degrees F. inside the vehicle.  The plastic on the door panel is also fuel. Notice the pocket at the bottom of the door, we all have a similar area in our vehicle.  Store your hand sanitizer in a  closed center console or glove compartment.

Be careful/mindful of where you are storing hand sanitizer, either in your vehicle and home, especially as the warm weather is on its way. 

This is a link to the NFPA video on Sanitizer Safety.




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