EMS Billing

The City of Alamo Heights EMS Department recently signed an inter-local agreement with the City of Schertz EMS to provide billing services. Under the new agreement, Schertz EMS will process all EMS calls for service and invoice insurance companies to include Medicare and also private pay customers. In order to successfully process an insurance claim, the patient or family member (when appropriate) must provide accurate insurance information including a signature on the patient care form. If we do not have a signature, we cannot bill insurance for services rendered. It is extremely important that this information be obtained by Alamo Heights EMS in a timely manner, preferably at the time of service. We will not delay emergency treatment or transport to obtain this information in the event of a true emergency however, it is the patient’s responsibility to provide accurate and timely information. If information is not provided to us, the bill will become the responsibility of the patient.


Your invoice will still look the same but the phone number to call for billing questions will change to (210) 619-1450. Citizens that use EMS services will still make cash or check payments directly to Alamo Heights EMS either in the enclosed return envelope that accompanies the bill or in person at the Alamo Heights City hall located at 6116 Broadway. Customers that wish to make credit card payments will do so by calling the EMS billing department at (210) 619-1450.  For questions regarding an EMS Invoice/Statement or any related insurance questions, please contact the billing department at 210-619-1450 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 p.m. 



Delinquent Accounts


The Alamo Heights Fire Dept. is no longer contracted with Alamo Credit Recovery or Longhorn Professional Services for the collection of delinquent accounts.  If you have received an attempt to collect payment on an outstanding account from either of the agencies listed above, please notify Fire Chief Gdovin at 210-832-2206




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