Fire Prevention

The Alamo Heights Fire Department offers many programs that are educational, informative, and fun. Each year we visit the schools to teach fire safety and life education to the kids. Our well known clown brigade has been reaching out to thousands of children of all ages teaching Fire and Life Safety Education since 2008. The kids have a lot of fun watching and sometimes participating in the clown skit while learning fire and life safety behaviors that would prevent fire hazards and loss of life.

The Residential home inspection program is designed to inform the home owner/renter of the dangers that may be unnoticed or need to be corrected to prevent fires or injuries. The home inspection process takes about 30 minutes to walk through the house and discuss any hazards that may be found. This program is a free service to ensure the safety of our valued citizen customers and appointments can be scheduled. Fire Dept. personnel will then schedule a convenient time to perform the safety inspection. Homeowners can also obtain a free smoke detector check as well as obtain assistance in mounting smoke detectors in the appropriate areas of the home.

The "Baby Moses" program authorizes our firefighters to take possession of an infant child that has been abandoned. We will see that the child receives proper care until the authorities receive the child.

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