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Don’t Delay: Know When to Call 911

Don’t Delay: Know When to Call 911 With cases of COVID-19 in the headlines, many may be curious or concerned about calling 911. Some may even be wondering if their event is a true emergency or not. The Alamo Heights Fire Department would like to remind all citizens that we serve the community 24/7 with dedicated fire and advanced life support ready to respond to any emergency. It is important to know that when dealing with symptoms of stroke or chest pain, it is important to call 911 immediately for crews to respond. Many may be concerned that there may be a threat of COVID-19 by transporting via an ambulance. Your Alamo Heights Fire Department ensures that strict disinfectant and mask protocols are followed before, during, and after all calls to maintain proper requirements to keep the public safe. All Fire Personnel are also trained as medical providers and are able to respond to calls for service when needed. They are able to provide appropriate medical interventions and assessments as well as answer questions citizens may have. It is important to note that oxygen en route to the hospital for patient suffering stroke or cardiac deficits can greatly improve most patient’s outcome and is a vital process of allowing 911 to transport. Below is a video that discusses the importance of calling 911 during a medical emergency. Thank you for your continued support and Don’t Delay Calling 911, your Alamo Heights Firefighters are here 24/7 to assist you!


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