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The Alamo Heights Fire Department offers many programs that are educational, informative, and fun. Each year we visit the schools to teach fire safety and life education to the kids.  Due to the current precautions we are taking for Covid-19, we will not be visiting schools but still want the children, and adults, to get the fire safety information.  Please share the fire safety videos and flyers with your children and parents.  Remember to schedule your free home fire safety inspection, too!


Walk Away? Stay and Play?

 This interactive 2 ½-minute video for the Learn Not to Burn Preschool Program "Tell an Adult if You See Matches or Lighters" lesson helps children identify appropriate behaviors around hot items. Play a game with Sparky and determine when it is safe to play, when to stay away from a hot object, and when to inform a grown up. This video supports the wrap-up activity described in the lesson plan.


Hot, Not Hot, or Sometimes Hot

This interactive 3 ½ minute video for the Learn Not to Burn Preschool Program :Stay Away From Hot Things" lesson is a great way for children to practice identifying items that are hot, sometimes hot, and not hot. Use the clip to supplement the body of the lesson or to assess


The Gear Firefighters Wear

This 3-minute clip for the Learn Not to Burn Preschool Program "Firefighters are Community Helpers" lesson helps children understand that a firefighter’s gear might look and sound scary, but there is a community helper underneath. The video is useful to supplement the discussion in the body of the lesson. It can also be used to close or extend the lesson.


Where There's Smoke, There's Science

The engaging Where There's Smoke, There's Science video from NFPA® teaches kids the facts about fire and smoke, as well as essential fire safety behaviors. Check out this clip!


Sparky’s Fire Safety Club

Complete the NFPA Kids challenges and you will become an official member of Sparkys Fire Safety Club!

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